Health and Wellness Retreat Creates Positive Work Environment

Health and Wellness Retreat Creates Positive Work Environment

Laddey, Clark & Ryan’s Wellness Retreat Provides a Time of Community, Personal and Professional Reflection for Employees

It’s no surprise that law firms are making their annual retreats more engaging and productive through promoting a healthy lifestyle with the use of yoga, meditation and educational workshops. The day after Laddey, Clark & Ryan’s Health and Wellness Retreat there was a new air in the office.  You could feel the lawyers and staff loosen up intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially, making room for a new kind of thinking to take place.

The Laddey, Clark & Ryan Health and Wellness committee organized a half-day retreat for its lawyers and staff in June. The retreat consisted of yoga, meditation, vegan lunch, guided imagery and goal setting using vision boards. Brian Trautz and Elizabeth Ball of White Oak Natural Health in Sparta facilitated the retreat.

“Relaxation is all about changing your perspective,” says Brian Trautz, owner of the Sparta based holistic center, “and the best way to do this is to leave the office environment behind for a little while.”

Laddey, Clark & Ryan’s commitment to health and wellness does not end with this retreat. “The Firm takes the health of their employees seriously,” says Robbin Dolan, LCR’s Executive Director. “We offered this retreat to give tools to our employees to use to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. The Health and Wellness committee is already working hard on planning a fall workshop. Future Firm events include a Family Night at Skylands Park for a Miners baseball game and an afternoon cruise on Lake Hopatcong aboard the Miss Lotta.